Arcylic Painting

Acrylic painting, for beginners, can be an exciting prospect because acrylics have so much versatility. Mediums can be added to the paints to increase luminosity or to get a matte or semi-matte finish. Acrylic pigments can also be diluted with water or a medium to create watercolor like transparent washes. You can add mediums that thicken acrylic paint as well, which is ideal if you want more noticeable brushstrokes as you put acrylic paint on canvas.


Vanavil Art Academy, which began its journey in 2002 with just two students, is one of the leading art academies in Madurai with around 200 students widespread in its 20 branches.

Contact Info

85 G, Nagappa Building Kamarajar Salai (Opp to Tamilaga Unavu Viduthi), Madurai-625 009.